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This tip will save you a fortune on airline tickets

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Flights are wicked expensive. You know, just in case you hadn’t noticed. While it might be a little late to book your flights for a summer getaway, the holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time now to book your flights for all that winter travel.

That’s why this little trick to finding the best deal on airline tickets is so amazing, because it won’t alter your travel plans at all. This money-saving hack isn’t about flying super early in the morning, or traveling midweek. Nope, this trick is all about when you book your ticket, not when you actually fly.

Did you know that airlines often release new tickets and flights midweek? More specifically, the majority of airlines will issue new airfares on Tuesday and Wednesday, and getting an early jump on these tickets will help you save some money. The longer you wait the higher the prices get.

It’s a simple step we can all take to get the most out of our travel dollars, and the best part is that we don’t have to alter our travel plans to save.

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